Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Hugger

Most hugs don't require much analysis but one hug recently made me swoon and it wasn’t even for me! Last week Isaac and Libby went to day (morning) camp at our community park. I was pretty sure Isaac would do fine because he has made huge strides in the last few months when it comes to willingness. Libby on the other hand has never really been apart from me and in a stranger’s care so I was extra proud of her bravery. She cried and protested each morning but she took a nice sized step toward kid-sized independence.

But the thing that amazed me was when she did such a simply Libby thing, she hugged her teacher and the adorable teenage helper goodbye as camp ended. Again, this probably doesn’t seem noteworthy but it is her open little heart that wows me. I, myself, am an awkward hugger, tending to stick my outstretched hand into people’s abdomens while they are opening their arms to me. Always uncomfortable. But Libby is a natural at it. She saw it as a hugging situation and I love her for that. What do they call it, the EQ, emotional quotient? Hers seems quite honed for being 3.

Being a mother has added a couple more points to my own EQ or at least given me an amazing opportunity to express feelings of love, admiration and empathy. I don’t balk at telling Isaac and Libby how I feel about them or offer my outstretched hand when a big ol’ hug is more fitting. So, I am delighted to drop them off at camp but more importantly see them embracing more than I ever did at their age.


Jennifer said...

I love this. What great perspective and analysis (as usual) on something as casually overlooked as a hug!! I love your blog updates!

The Deiberts said...

I agree with Jennifer. You always come up with great observations and they are always relavent to my life too. So sweet how little ones can be so perceptive and they are so open and honest with their feelings. Really can melt your heart.