Monday, November 24, 2008

Don't Thank Me

What am I thankful for? I could go on and on but sometimes I wonder if I’m thankful enough. I admit that I live with a low frequency fear that something terrible will have to happen for me to really wake up and smell the blessings. You know those experiences that leave people promising to live each day to the fullest or never take another breath for granted. I don’t know if that is possible to maintain long term. It sure seems daunting to me whose daily aggravations get in the way of my appreciations. My gratitude comes more in the form of zingers, moments that swell my heart, brings tears to my eyes and make me feel dizzy with gratitude for my most lucky life.

And when does this start, this appreciation for relationships and health and things that make life so much easier and more fun? My young children are basically unappreciative and when I tried to lay a guilt trip on them the other night, it didn’t work. And then I realized why as they stared at me blankly. We are blessed to be able to take good care of them and so they simply don’t yet understand that Santa and special outings and even breakfast are not automatic for all kids. I assured myself that every child should be ungrateful – deserving to be taken care of and nurtured so that when they say “thank you” it’s because they have been taught manners, not because they are thankful for a meal or a gift or love. So I suppose in the end maybe I am most thankful for being able to give my kids a life that they take completely for granted. Zing!