Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Good Fight

In my last post I was putting up a fight for my children, but when it comes to putting up with my children, I am trying to avoid the fight. There is the smallest amount of sadness and a fair amount of frustration as they daily go about the business of figuring out exactly who they are.

The dumbest things are bothering me -– Libby being so stubborn about what she wears. She has such cute little hand-me-down clothes and my thrift shop finds but she wears the same three “fancy” dresses day after day. They aren’t fancy and they aren’t practical in this weather and they aren’t something I should care about, but I do. I want to go back to when she needed my help getting dressed, cheerfully saying, “okay” to my seasonal, adorable, coordinated ensembles! But I know it’s not worth fighting over and when her little friend at school had at least 25 barrettes in her hair this week, I’m pretty sure mine isn’t the only 3 year old who has decided she will be her own stylist and fired her mother.

And Isaac is figuring out a little thing called the power play. He knows that his dad and I like to know about his school day and what he is learning and he has figured out this means he has something we want – that’s power. He withholds the details of his day and resists working on reading with me. So, I take the little nuggets of information he forgets to guard, and smile when I hear him singing in another room about Martin Luther King Jr. I secretly watch him when I volunteer at school and check in with his teacher often – that’s mom power!

So even though Libby is shutting me out of her closet and Isaac is keeping the door shut on his day, there is no reason to fight this growing up stuff and my part is to sit back and enjoy the magic show as they transform right before my very eyes.

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The Deiberts said...

Once again, I must agree- especially regarding Libby. Charlotte has so many cute clothes and always chooses the same shirts(most of the time it is anything with orange in it). I find myself trying to persuade her into wearing something else until I see her little face and the sad look in her eyes and I know it is time for me to keep my mouth shut! It is hard though and I fail just about every day.