Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bumper Sticker Wisdom

I saw this bumper sticker today:
Change is inevitable, growth is optional.
After a long and emotional fight, the school board is closing Isaac’s school – not the building itself, but the community program we chose for him and Libby. So this unwelcome change has landed on our doorstep and in our community. It is one thing to face change when you are old enough to read and appreciate the wisdom of bumper stickers but it’s another when you have to tell your 1st grader and your will-be Kindergartener that the next 6 years will not look the way we thought. I have felt every feeling there is to feel in such a situation – from angry to silly as we rallied and chanted slogans outside the school board meeting to have our voices heard. I spent many hours at meetings biting my lip as we dared to hope we could change minds. It’s been much like grieving actually and I am somewhere near the end, near acceptance. All I can do is chose moving forward over disappointment and help the kids adjust. Another frustrated, heart-broken mom in our program said it this way, our children will grow where they are planted. We opt to grow.

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The Deiberts said...

That is too bad. What does that mean for you now? Do you have to find another school or do they just get shuffled somewhere else?