Monday, September 06, 2010

Courage 101

I had been pondering how I want to document last week here at Coloring Life Inside the Lines with Libby starting Kindergarten and the transition to a new school for both kids and then I had a thought, why? Can I be completely annoying and just ask if anyone is even reading these musings of mine? I think there are a couple of you so I’ll continue if only this one more time…

You know that question, What do you wish for your kids and the answer, I only want them to be happy? Yeah, I get it and I want that too but last week I realized what I really hope for my kids is to be courageous; courageous to be themselves, to try things, to do the right thing, to do the hard thing. I’m thinking happiness comes from courage really. So, school started last week and everyone was so freaking courageous that I don’t quite know what to do with my residual worry and fret.

Except for one fleeting moment of doubt putting him to bed last Sunday evening, Isaac didn’t miss a beat. Even Monday morning when none of us knew exactly which corner was our bus stop thanks to an odd street that doesn’t go through and a bus that came 20 minutes late, he wasn’t even anxious. At his age I would have been a wreck in that situation and my mother would have had to get on the bus with a traumatized me. Not these 10 kids at our stop. They didn’t bother to even check where the bus was headed before jumping on. But of course I did. And the first thing Isaac said when he got off the bus that afternoon was how much he was going to like his teacher. It was almost too easy. This kid didn’t even need courage he’s so courageous.

Libby started Kindergarten on Wednesday and was so happy to be at the bus stop as a student and not just the little sister, that she smiled for pictures and climbed aboard the not-quite-so-late bus like a champ. Wow. Kramer and I had time to walk to school to meet her as she arrived and again, big smiles. We got her to her class and she made herself right at home. I was the only one who shed any tears and only after I was a safe distance from school. I cried because while great stuff is beginning and I couldn’t have asked for a better start to this new year and new school, it is an ending as well.

I am no longer a mom who stays home with my young children. In two months or two years, I’m not sure how this is all going to look. I’m trying to give myself some time to check lots of things off my list while I have only myself as company all day. I de-yucked the blades of the ceiling fans, cleaned and re-arranged cupboards and picked out some new paint colors for a few rooms last week. So, tomorrow I do some more closet organizing, junk down-sizing and some paint applying and know that when the time comes, I’ll find my way with some of this courage that seems in great supply around here.


The Zimmermans said...

I'm reading!
Hope you'll keep up the writing despite not having young kids. Your journey over the next year will be very interesting to follow! Glad the Kenny & Kindergarten transition went so well and even more glad that you're taking some time for you and not too worried yet about what's to come.

The Deiberts said...

I always read! I am so happy that everything went well for both your kiddos! They really are amazing aren't they? They always seem to rise to the challenge and everytime I think that something is going to be horrible and scary for is a piece of cake. They are true champs and it always brings tears to my eyes when I think about it. I know it will be different for you too now. Enjoy your time, you have earned it and don't worry if you feel teary sometimes- it is all part of the process I am sure. I will be right there with you soon! Take care :)

Mary P. said...

I also read! Though usually late. I'm so glad to hear how well things went the first week of school. I hope they continue to go smoothly. One of these days we'll get to chat and I want to hear all about your new kid-free days and what's next in your courageous life!

Jennifer said...

One more reader here!!! Though, I tend to catch up on my blogs on a monthly basis... :) Don't stop blogging... I need you to lead the way in the "what to do once your kids are in school" arena.